Network Visualizer


  • To parse/analyze and generate network graph
    • This was done for CAN, LIN, Ethernet communication network
  • Database architecture to enable seamless integration of all networks
  • UI complimented code generation to enable better design
    • Displayed live network information and flow of signals from node to another over several different networks
  • Could also edit multiple database files for different networks in one attempt for common information
    • First of its kind, earlier developers used to change each database file individually
    • Integration of all networks into one helped solve this problem
  • Integration with jenkins for completely automated testing of the source code and publishing so developers can use
    • Came with auto update solution so everytime there was a new release developers would get a notice and can update their tool

Completely developed in-house

Team Size



Technology Used For
python For backend
pyside For GUI
Graphviz For png/html image generation
Jenkins For building/testing/publishing code base
Git Version Control
cx_freeze For building standalone executables
blockdiag For image generation
DBC/LDF database files Automotive communication database file to analyze and generate graphs
Autosar To generate autosar ARXML database file for ethernet

Current Status

Continuous updates happening every week to add new functionality. The updates are pushed to all the users and the auto-updater handles the update.