Web Based HIL Test Scheduler


  • To enable efficient use of HIL(Hardware-In-Loop) test equipment
  • Developers from multiple offices located in different geographic locations could schedule tests for their applications
    • The tests would run when the resource becomes available
    • Enabled running tests overnight or on weekends
  • Both front-end/back-end developed in house
  • Integration with version control to test code
  • Came with permissions to keep projects secure
  • Completely flexible and secure
    • Easy to add new tests
    • Easy to add new slave machines

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Team Size



Technology Used For
python For backend
django For web front end
Perforce For checking application code
CentOS For server
dSPACE AutomationDesk For test generation/execution and report generator
Matlab/Simulink For application code building
SQLite As a database

Current Status

Still used for testing at Tula Tech